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Produce Presentations and PowerPoint Reports Faster Than Ever Before

How long does it take you to build a truly professional presentation? Hours? Even if you have another presentation to use as a starting point, your results can be less than satisfactory. Better not take any chances, and pick up our PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional.

PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional is an add-in for PowerPoint that helps you to create high quality presentations quickly, saving hours of effort. With PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional, you’ll be able to transition the content of existing presentations while leaving behind unwanted stuff with just a single-click.

Imagine removing notes, headers, footers, slide designs, and slide masters, just like that! Plus, PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional comes with multiple white-space and empty box removal tools. Then, use PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional to set standard text, slides, logos and images for quick and easy presentation creation whenever you need it!

When you are finished, automatically produce a contents page and table of slides, which link to the relevant pages, and, of course, a return button so that you an always find your way around the slides while presenting.


Copy AND CLEANCopy and Clean PowerPoint Slides

One of the most useful things in PowerPoint is the ability to copy and tweak old slides or presentations.  But PowerPoint is capricious.  When you copy slides it also copies unwanted formats, notes, slide masters, backgrounds, headers, footers.  This can make the integration of copied content a nightmare and bloat the size of your presentation.   The PowerPoint Supercharger has numerous utilities to clean and restyle the new presentation. 

  • Replace 4 terms at once
  • SingleClick clean out the old notes pages
  • Split or merge text placeholders to adjust slide styles
  • SingleClick removal of old headers and footers
  • Remove unused slide designs and slide masters
  • Clean the document with numerous white-space and empty box removal tools
  • Set and use default fonts and box styles either automatically or manually


PowerPoint Slide Generator

You've got the storyboard, relevant slides have been copied and cleaned.  Now you need to add additional content from your standard libraries (think credentials, terms of business, standard phraseology, pictures, etc.)   Our SingleClick design lets you:

  • Use our slide generator to create standard slides
  • Have SingleClick access to the standard slide library provided with the Supercharger
  • Bring data into the presentation quickly and easily using the optional Excel Supercharger
  • Setup your standard logos and pictures for SingleClick insert when needed
  • Setup you own slide libraries for SingleClick access within your document
  • SingleClick embed documents, spreadsheets and other slideshows so that they open when clicked during your presentation.  Have the detail available for questions, without swamping your slides!

StandardizePowerPoint Standardise Presentation

Its all together, but now you need to standardise the format of the document and bring out the key messages on each slide.  

  • SingleClick application of your default template(s)
  • Apply a customer template if desired
  • Quickly create kickers from new or existing text and automatically standardise the format across all slides
  • Quickly create headers from new and existing text
  • Add countdown text to highlight approaching deadlines


PowerPoint Finalise


The content is finished, you just need to complete the finishing touches for that extra level of professionalism.  Set it up so that you can present like a pro.  The Supercharger will support:

  • SingleClick application of a standardised Watermark
  • Automatically add document information to the slideshow
  • Automatically create a Table of Slides with page numbering and clickable hyperlinks for all slides in your presentation
  • Automatically create a Table of Contents with page numbering and clickable hyperlinks based upon the section-breaks of your presentation
  • Create an invisible navigation button which allows you to get back to the contents page from ANY slide when presenting
  • Create a progress bar on your slide which shows to the audience how far you are through the presentation


Folder Processing

How often do you need to change existing documents for a new project, customer or situation?  Imagine mass changes to every document in a folder.  Click the add-in, choose what you want to do and go and have a coffee.  The PowerPoint Supercharger will process each of the documents in turn and apply your selections.  No more spending hours just to get your basic information together.  Do it in minutes.

  • Apply your standard template
  • Standardise Videos, Pictures, Tables
  • Fix capitalisation
  • Unlimited text replacement using a replace table
  • Add Watermarks, countdowns, contents pages
  • Fix notes pages and handouts
  • Add document information

"Quickly and easily you have a final professional presentation.  Giving you more time for rehearsal and to hone both your messages and style. "


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PowerPoint Supercharger Versions

PowerPoint Supercharger Purchasing options

  • Basic functions to get you started
  • Insert Standard Slides
  • Auto-create Slides
  • Standard text
  • Add/Remove Watermark
  • Remove Footers
  • Add Doc Properties
  • Standardise Kickers
  • PRO Version With Lots of Options
  • Lite version PLUS:
  • Progress Bar
  • Auto-create Contents page, Table of Slides and Sections Lists
  • Add navigation back-links
  • Add Countdown
  • Remove whitespace and Standardise Textboxes
  • Split and Merge Text
  • Cut and Copy Headers
  • Quick-create Kickers
  • Auto-Capitalise Headers and Kickers
  • Standardise Shapes Across Multiple slides
  • Convert Table to Shapes
Professional Plus
  • The BOSS level:
  • Lite and Professional versions PLUS:
  • Embed Videos
  • Use a Defaults File
  • Unlimited Replaces Using a Replace File
  • Standardise Video, Picture, Table and Kicker Formats
  • Standardise The Presentation
  • Process Entire Folders
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We offer a 'No strings' Free Trial  You get to install and try the licence before committing to buy.  There are no limits, it will work for 30 days, then if you don't like it just uninstall it.  Try one product or try them all, it's up to you. 

If you wish to purchase, We use a secure purchasing experience through PayPal and for 30 days after purchase we will give a no questions asked, full refund of any licences purchased.

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