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Excel Supercharger

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Sometimes we spend so much time in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that we forget that Excel doesn’t really do a great job at communicating information. Sure, you can build and populate cells, but it’s useless if your audience can’t understand what they’re seeing. Thankfully for you, there’s Excel Supercharger – Professional.

Excel Supercharger – Professional is an add-in for Excel that improves Copy/Paste operations, standardizes visual elements, and creates presentations from spreadsheet data. With Excel Supercharger – Professional, you’ll be able to skip the hassle of traditional Copy/Paste with something that’s infinitely better! What’s more, you can quickly and easily bring a common look and feel to all of your spreadsheets, even using a corporate logo.

Best of all, Excel Supercharger – Professional gives you the ability to assemble your numbers and data in a visual presentation that’s instantly understood by all audiences. So instead of spending your time converting Excel data into Word reports or PowerPoint presentations, just sit back and let Excel Supercharger – Professional do it for you!

S&OP analysis for meetings, Quotations, Project Reporting... all at the touch of a button.

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PowerPoint Supercharger

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How long does it take you to build a truly professional presentation? Hours? Even if you have another presentation to use as a starting point, your results can be less than satisfactory. Better not take any chances, and pick up our PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional.

PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional is an add-in for PowerPoint that helps you to create high quality presentations quickly, saving hours of effort. With PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional, you’ll be able to transition the content of existing presentations while leaving behind unwanted stuff with just a single-click.

Imagine removing notes, headers, footers, slide designs, and slide masters, just like that! Plus, PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional comes with multiple white-space and empty box removal tools. Then, use PowerPoint Supercharger – Professional to set standard text, slides, logos and images for quick and easy presentation creation whenever you need it!

When you are finished, automatically produce a contents page and table of slides, which link to the relevant pages, and, of course, a return button so that you an always find your way around the slides while presenting.

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Word Supercharger

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How long do you spend tidying up documents? Hours, days?  Even if you have most of the content, crashing together multiple documents can be time-consuming and dispiriting.  Even worse if you have multiple documents that all need to be re-styled to suit a new format, client or situation.  Pick up our Word - Supercharger and ease the pain and free up your time for something more useful.

The Word Supercharger is an add-in for Microsoft Word that removes the drudgery from report and document creation.  Imagine removing notes, headers, footers and random capitalisation; automatically standardise all tables and all pictures; automatically check for and fix common errors;  add captions to all pictures using a caption wizard; replace multiple pieces of text at the same time; insert standard text and clauses; create indexes of captions, hyperlinks and tables; check for style issues and highlight phrases or drafting brackets, all at the touch of a button.

What's more you can do this not just on one document, but all documents in a folder, while producing an audit trail to boot.

Improve you report writing and speed up document creation with our Word Supercharger.

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